Monday, February 10, 2020

Annotated bibliograhphy Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Bibliograhphy - Annotated Bibliography Example Although most human resource managers find implementing work-life programs challenging and expensive, Lockwood suggests that any organization that intends to attract the right talents and gain competitive advantage must consider implementing a work-life program since it offers a win-win solution. This article satisfies the study objectives since it discusses the challenges facing human resource in the present day society as regards increased need for work-life program. The world has witnessed rapid technological advancements in the recent past. In this journal article, Kamal and Ashish Kumar investigate the impact that technological advancements witnessed in the recent past has had on human resource performance. The authors note that the recent technological advancements such as computers have transformed human resource functions in a big way. The authors note that the integration of technologies, such as computers has changed how the human resource managers process payrolls and record information among others. Additionally, the authors reckon that the integration of technologies in human resource management has improved how HR keeps records and information in an organization. Therefore, the authors advise that HR managers should ensure that they keep up with new technologies to enhance the performance of their HR functions. This paper satisfies the study objectives since it explores the impact of technology on HR

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